Individual papers: available through links in the program below.
Full conference proceedings: downloadable here as a single file (~100M).
Citations: available in bibtex format in this ICCC 2015 bibtex file.
Video recordings: available here.

Sun, June 28th – Computational Creativity & Games Workshop

Mon, June 29th – Conference Day 1

  • 8:00 – Registration & Breakfast
  • 9:15 – Opening
  • 9:30 – Session 1: Creative Autonomy (Chair: Hannu Toivonen)
    • The man behind the curtain: Overcoming skepticism about creative computers (PDF)
      Martin Mumford and Dan Ventura
    • Generating Code For Expressing Simple Preferences: Moving On From Hardcoding And Randomness (PDF)
      Michael Cook and Simon Colton
    • Attributing Creative Agency: Are we doing it right? (PDF)
      Oliver Bown
  • 11:00 – Coffee
  • 11:30 – Session 2: Evaluation in the Arts (Chair: Anna Jordanous)
    • Using Human Computation to Acquire Novel Methods for Addressing Visual Analogy Problems on Intelligence Tests (PDF)
      David Joyner, Darren Bedwell, Chris Graham, Warren Lemmon, Oscar Martinez and Ashok K. Goel
    • Accounting for Bias in the Evaluation of Creative Computational Systems: An Assessment of DARCI (PDF)
      David Norton, Derrall Heath and Dan Ventura
    • Quantifying Creativity in Art Networks (PDF)
      Ahmed Elgammal and Babak Saleh
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Session 3: Creative Mechanisms (Chair: Oliver Bown)
    • Is Biologically Inspired Invention Different? (PDF)
      Ashok K. Goel
    • The role of blending in mathematical invention (PDF)
      Felix Bou, Marco Schorlemmer, Joe Corneli, Danny Gomez Ramirez, Ewen Maclean, Alan Smaill and Alison Pease
    • Unweaving The Lexical Rainbow: Grounding Linguistic Creativity in Perceptual Semantics (PDF)
      Tony Veale and Khalid Alnajjar
  • 15:30 – Coffee
  • 16:00 – Session 4: Language (Chair: Rafael Pérez y Pérez)
    • FIGURE8: A Novel System for Generating and Evaluating Figurative Language (PDF)
      Sarah Harmon
    • Game of Tropes: Exploring the Placebo Effect in Computational Creativity (PDF)
      Tony Veale
    • OMG UR Funny! Computer-Aided Humor with an Application to Chat (PDF)
      Miaomiao Wen, Nancy Baym, Omer Tamuz, Jaime Teevan, Susan Dumais and Adam Kalai
  • 18:00 – Reception

Tue, June 30th – Conference Day 2

  • 8:00 – Breakfast
  • 9:00 – Session 5: Evaluation of Creativity (Chair: Ahmed Elgammal)
    • A Semantic Map for Evaluating Creativity (PDF)
      Frank van der Velde, Roger A. Wolf, Martin Schmettow and Deniece S. Nazareth
    • Human Competence in Creativity Evaluation (PDF)
      Carolyn Lamb, Daniel G. Brown and Charles Clarke
    • Measuring cultural value using social network analysis: a case study on valuing electronic musicians (PDF)
      Anna Jordanous, Daniel Allington and Byron Dueck
    • Conceptualizing Creativity: From Distributional Semantics to Conceptual Spaces (PDF)
      Kat Agres, Stephen McGregor, Matthew Purver and Geraint Wiggins
  • 11:00 – Coffee
  • 11:30 – Session 6: Musical Interaction (Chair: Geraint Wiggins)
    • Player Responses to a Live Algorithm: Conceptualising computational creativity without recourse to human comparisons? (PDF)
      Oliver Bown
    • Collaborative Composition with Creative Systems: Reflections on the First Musebot Ensemble (PDF)
      Arne Eigenfeldt, Oliver Bown and Benjamin Casey
    • Generative Music for Live Musicians: An Unnatural Selection (PDF)
      Arne Eigenfeldt
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Session 7: Conceptual Blending (Chair: Tony Veale)
    • Generalize and Blend: Concept Blending Based on Generalization, Analogy, and Amalgams (PDF)
      Tarek R. Besold and Enric Plaza
    • Vismantic: Meaning-making with Images (PDF)
      Ping Xiao and Simo Linkola
    • The Good, the Bad, and the AHA! Blends (PDF)
      Pedro Martins, Tanja Urbancic, Senja Pollak, Nada Lavrac and Amílcar Cardoso
    • Using Argumentation to Evaluate Concept Blends in Combinatorial Creativity (PDF)
      Roberto Confalonieri, Joe Corneli, Alison Pease, Enric Plaza and Marco Schorlemmer
  • 16:00 – Coffee
  • 16:30 – Chairlift & Hike

Wed, July 1st – Conference Day 3

  • 8:00 – Breakfast
  • 9:00 – Keynote (Chair: Michael Cook)
    • Machine Improvisation on a Human-Authored Script: Beyond Versu (Abstract)
      Emily Short
  • 10:00 – Session 8: Visual Arts (Chair: Ashok K. Goel)
    • Visual Information Vases: Towards a Framework for Transmedia Creative Inspiration (PDF)
      Britton Horn, Gillian Smith, Rania Masri and Janos Stone
    • The Painting Fool Sees! New Projects with the Automated Painter (PDF)
      Simon Colton, Jakob Halskov, Dan Ventura, Ian Gouldstone, Michael Cook and Blanca Perez­-Ferrer
  • 11:00 – Coffee
  • 11:30 – Session 9: Games, Music and Cocktails (Chair: Ruli Manurung)
    • Make Something That Makes Something: A Report On The First Procedural Generation Jam (PDF)
      Michael Cook
    • SMUG: Scientific Music Generator (PDF)
      Marco Scirea, Gabriella A. B. Barros, Noor Shaker and Julian Togelius
    • Generative Mixology: An Engine for Creating Cocktails (PDF)
      Johnathan Pagnutti and Jim Whitehead
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Session 10: Creativity Support (Chair: Kazjon Grace)
    • Stimulating and Simulating Creativity with Dr Inventor (PDF)
      Diarmuid O’Donoghue, Yalemisew Abgaz, Donny Hurley, Francesco Ronzano and Horacio Saggion
    • Casual Creators (PDF)
      Kate Compton and Michael Mateas
    • Interaction-based Authoring for Scalable Co-creative Agents (PDF)
      Mikhail Jacob and Brian Magerko
  • 15:30 – Coffee
  • 16:00 – Session 11: Imagination and Curiosity (Chair: Julian Togelius)
    • Imagining Imagination: A Computational Framework Using Associative Memory Models and Vector Space Models (PDF)
      Derrall Heath, Aaron Dennis and Dan Ventura
    • Preconceptual Creativity (PDF)
      Tapio Takala
    • Specific curiosity as a cause and consequence of transformational creativity (PDF)
      Kazjon Grace and Mary Lou Maher
  • 17:30 – Session 12: Short Talks (Chair: Michael Mateas) [note: these abstracts are not part of the peer-reviewed, formal proceedings]
    • Learning large scale musical form to enable creativity (PDF)
      Francis Screene and Geraint A. Wiggins
    • Improved meaning in poetry using statistical methods (PDF)
      Max Droog-Hayes and Geraint A. Wiggins
    • A computational model of communication for automatically generating narratives (PDF)
      Ivan Guerrero Roman and Rafael Perez y Perez
    • Toward a Context Sensitive Music Generator for Affective State Expression (PDF)
      Marco Scirea, Julian Togelius, Peter Eklund
  • 19:00 – Conference Banquet

Thu, July 2nd – Conference Day 4

  • 8:00 – Breakfast
  • 9:00 – Session 13: Co-creativity (Chair: Amilcar Cardoso)
    • Computational Poetry Workshop: Making Sense of Work in Progress (PDF)
      Joseph Corneli, Anna Jordanous, Rosie Shepperd, Maria Teresa Llano, Joanna Misztal, Simon Colton and Christian Guckelsberger
    • Interaction Evaluation for Human-Computer Co-creativity: A Case Study (PDF)
      Anna Kantosalo, Jukka M. Toivanen and Hannu Toivonen
    • Impact of a Creativity Support Tool on Student Learning about Scientific Discovery Process (PDF)
      Ashok K. Goel and David A. Joyner
    • Intentionally Generating Choices in Interactive Narratives (PDF)
      Michael Mateas, Peter Mawhorter and Noah Wardrip-Fruin
  • 11:00 – Coffee
  • 11:30 – Session 14: Language (Chair: Frank van der Velde)
    • “In reality there are as many religions as there are papers” -– First Steps Towards the Generation of Internet Memes (PDF)
      Diogo Costa, Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira and Alexandre Miguel Pinto
    • A chart generation system for topical metrical poetry (PDF)
      Berty Chrismartin Lumban Tobing and Ruli Manurung
    • TheRiddlerBot: A next step on the ladder towards creative Twitter bots (PDF)
      Ivan Guerrero, Ben Verhoeven, Francesco Barbieri, Pedro Martins and Rafael Perez Y Perez
  • 13:00 – Wrap-up and announcements