Note:  Each paper or demonstration abstract may be downloaded individually below, or you can download the entire proceedings as one file (23 MB).  You may also download the front matter separately.

Wednesday May 30

8:00-8:45 Registration

8:45-9:00 Conference Opening and Introductions

9:00-10:00 Keynote Speaker 

Mechanisms of Creative Cognition: Theory and Research

Professor Steven M. Smith
Department of Psychology
Texas A&M University

10:00-11:00 Session 1 Conceptual Blending (RP)

Chair: Simon Colton

From Conceptual “Mash-ups” to “Bad-ass” Blends: A Robust Computational Model of Conceptual Blending
Tony Veale [pdf]

Goal-Driven Conceptual Blending: A Computational Approach for Creativity
Boyang Li, Alexander Zook, Nicholas Davis and Mark Riedl [pdf]

11:00 Coffee break

11:30-13:00 Session 2 Analogy (RP)

Chair: Pablo Gervás

A Creative Analogy Machine: Results and Challenges
Diarmuid O’Donoghue and Mark T. Keane [pdf]

Automated Generation of Cross-Domain Analogies via Evolutionary Computation
Atilim Gunes Baydin, Ramon Lopez De Mantaras and Santiago Ontanon [pdf]

Cross-domain literature mining: Finding bridging concepts with CrossBee
Matjaz Jursic, Bojan Cestnik, Tanja Urbancic and Nada Lavrac [pdf]

13:00-14:00 Lunch (provided)

14:00-15:00 Session 3 Search (RP)

Chair: Nick Montfort

A closer look at creativity as search
Graeme Ritchie [pdf]

Creative Search Trajectories and their Implications
Kyle Jennings [pdf]

15:00-16:00 Coffee Break + Interactive Demonstrations

16:00-17:30 Session 4 Reflections (PP)

Chair: Dan Ventura

The Creative Computer as Romantic Hero? or, What Kind of Creative Personae do Computational Creativity Systems Exemplify?
Colin Johnson [pdf]

Whence is creativity?
Bipin Indurkhya [pdf]

Computational and Collective Creativity: Who’s Being Creative?
Mary Lou Maher [pdf]

Computers can’t jump? A quantitative approach for studying creative leaps
Lior Noy, Yuval Hart, Natalie Andrew, Omer Ramote, Avi Mayo and Uri Alon [pdf]

On the Notion of Framing in Computational Creativity
John Charnley, Alison Pease, and Simon Colton [pdf]

Small-Scale Creative Systems
Nick Montfort and Natalia Fedorova [pdf]

19:00 Social Event

Beer tasting at a very popular city-centre microbrew pub called the Porterhouse. Beer samples and finger food will be served starting at 7 PM.

Thursday May 31

9:00-11:00 Session 5 Generative Systems (RP)

Chair: Graeme Ritchie

Automatic Generation of Melodic Accompaniments for Lyrics
Kristine Monteith, Tony Martinez and Dan Ventura [pdf]

Full-FACE Poetry Generation
Simon Colton, Jacob Goodwin and Tony Veale [pdf]

Illustrating a Computer Generated Narrative
Rafael Pérez y Pérez, Nora Morales and Luis Rodríguez [pdf]

Generating a Complete Multipart Musical Composition from a Single Monophonic Melody with Functional Scaffolding
Amy K. Hoover, Paul A. Szerlip, Marie E. Norton, Trevor A. Brindle, Zachary Merritt and Kenneth O. Stanley [pdf]

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-13:00 Session 6 Evaluation I (RP)

Chair: Alison Pease

Soup Over Bean of Pure Joy: Culinary Ruminations of an Artificial Chef
Richard Morris, Scott Burton, Paul Bodily and Dan Ventura [pdf]

Validation of Harmonic Progression Generator Using Classical Music
Adam Burnett, Evon Khor, Philippe Pasquier and Arne Eigenfeldt [pdf]

Automatic evaluation of punning riddle template extraction
Try Agustini and Ruli Manurung [pdf]

13:00-14:00 Lunch (provided)

14:00-14:45 Session 7 Evaluation II (PP)

Chair: Rafael Pérez y Pérez

Evaluating Musical Metacreation
Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier and Adam Burnett [pdf]

Critical issues in evaluating freely improvising interactive music systems
Adam Linson, Chris Dobbyn and Robin Laney [pdf]

Towards a New Evaluation Approach in Computational Narrative Systems
Jichen Zhu [pdf]

14:45-15:45 Coffee Break + Interactive Demonstrations

15:45-17:00 Session 8 Computers Being Creative (PP)

Chair: Kyle Jennings

A Creative Improvisational Companion Based on Idiomatic Harmonic Bricks
Robert Keller, August Toman-Yih, Alexandra Schofield and Zack Merritt [pdf]

Automatic Composition from Non-musical Inspiration Sources
Robert Smith, Aaron Dennis and Dan Ventura [pdf]

Creativity in Configuring Affective Agents for Interactive Storytelling
Stefan Rank, Steve Hoffmann, Hans-Georg Struck, Ulrike Spierling and Paolo Petta [pdf]

A Meme-Based Architecture for Modeling Creativity
Shinji Ogawa, Bipin Indurkhya and Aleksander Byrski [pdf]

Creatively Subverting Messages in Posters
Lorenzo Gatti, Marco Guerini, Charles Callaway, Oliviero Stock and Carlo Strapparava [pdf]

19:30 Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will be at 7:30 PM at Oliver St. John Gogarty’s, in Temple Bar. Gogarty’s is also a venue for traditional Irish music performance, which will enjoy after the dinner.

Friday June 1

9:00-11:00 Session 9 Cognition and Computation (RP)

Chair: Tony Veale

Crossing the Threshold Paradox: Creative Cognition in the Global Workspace
Geraint Wiggins [pdf]

Brainstorming in Solitude and Teams: The Role of Group Influence
Ricardo Sosa and John Gero [pdf]

Representational affordances and creativity in association-based systems
Kazjon Grace, John Gero and Rob Saunders [pdf]

How Did Humans Become So Creative? A Computational Approach
Liane Gabora and Steve Dipaola [pdf]

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:00 Session 10 Creativity and Language (PP)

Chair: Geraint A. Wiggins

Corpus-Based Generation of Content and Form in Poetry
Jukka M. Toivanen, Hannu Toivonen, Alessandro Valitutti and Oskar Gross [pdf]

Weaving creativity into the Semantic Web: a language-processing approach
Anna Jordanous and Bill Keller [pdf]

12:00-13:00 Discussion

Moderator: Mary Lou Maher

13:00 Steering Committee Meeting

Interactive Demonstrations

Coming Together: Composition by Negotiation by Autonomous Multi-Agents
Arne Eigenfeldt [pdf]

Continuous Improvisation and Trading with Impro-Visor
Robert Keller [pdf]

Exploring Everyday Creative Responses to Social Discrimination with the Mimesis System
D. Fox Harrell, Chong-U Lim, Sonny Sidhu, Jia Zhang, Ayse Gursoy and Christine Yu [pdf]

Functional representations for music
James Mcdermott [pdf]

MaestroGenesis: Computer-Assisted Musical Accompaniment Generation
Paul A. Szerlip, Amy K. Hoover and Kenneth O. Stanley [pdf]

CrossBee: Cross-Context Bisociation Explorer
Matjaz Jursic, Bojan Cestnik, Tanja Urbancic and Nada Lavrac [pdf]

Computer Software for Measuring Creative Search
Kyle Jennings [pdf]

ANGELINA – Coevolution in Automated Game Design
Michael Cook and Simon Colton [pdf]

SynAPP – An online web application for exploring creativity
Gael Abadin, Bipin Indurkhya and Juan C. Burguillo-Rial [pdf]

Co-creating game content using an adaptive model of user taste
Antonios Liapis, Georgios N. Yannakakis and Julian Togelius [pdf]

RP = Regular Paper: 20 minutes presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion

PP = Position Paper: 10 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes discussion