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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

June 19 – June 23, 2017

About ICCC'17

Conference Program Announced!

Welcome to the Eighth International Conference on Computational Creativity, ICCC 2017!

Computational creativity is the art, science, philosophy and engineering of computational systems which, by taking on particular responsibilities, exhibit behaviours that unbiased observers would deem to be creative. As a field of research, this area is thriving, with progress in formalising what it means for software to be creative, along with many exciting and valuable applications of creative software in the sciences, the arts, literature, gaming and elsewhere.

The ICCC conference series organized by the Association for Computational Creativity since 2010 is the only scientific conference that focuses on computational creativity alone and also covers all aspects of it.

ICCC 2017 will take place June 19 – June 23 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and will be hosted at Georgia Tech.

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