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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

June 19 – June 23, 2017


We would like to invite you to participate in the poster session that will be held at this year’s ICCC’17, at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, US.

This is an inclusive call, with a very light-touch peer review.

We warmly invite anyone who is registered/registering to attend ICCC’17 to submit to this call:

* Please email with 1. TITLE and 2. ABSTRACT for your poster.

* Submissions will be accepted or rejected based on their relevance to the conference topics (see Submissions of work-in-progress are welcome, as well as submissions of completed relevant work that may have been published elsewhere or that is pending publication. No publication will be associated with this poster submission, so submitting to this call would not preclude you from submitting the work elsewhere.

* We will notify you by return email to say if your submission is accepted for the poster session.

* If your poster is accepted, please bring a poster with you to the conference following the submitted title and abstract. At the conference, we can manage posters of any size between 36" x 48" (maximum) and 24" x 36" (minimum), either portrait or landscape. We will supply poster stands, poster boards, and pushpins.

* The poster should summarise and display the key points of your accepted title and abstract. If you are new to making research posters, there are some useful links on (though some of these links are broken).

DEADLINE: June 5th 2017.

We invite people giving talks at ICCC’17 to participate in the poster session as well. We especially invite people who are attending ICCC’17 affiliated workshops or doctoral consortium to submit a title and abstract for a poster based on your workshop/consortium submission, so that you can show your work to the main conference as well as to the workshops/consortium. We also invite participants who have not had a paper accepted for the main conference, workshops or consortium. Again please do email with the title and abstract. Also, note again that no publication is associated with these posters.

Your posters will be included in the poster session alongside those papers that were accepted for the main proceedings as poster/short-talk presentations. The poster session takes place in the 10:30-12:15 session on Thursday 22nd June. For full schedule please see:

We very look forward to receiving your poster title/abstract submissions for the general poster session at ICCC’17!

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