Art Exhibition

You / Me / It

Welcome to the opening of the computational creativity exhibition! You are cordially welcome to join us on Monday, 9th June, at 18h and enjoy magnificent works of world-known artists. The exhibition runs from 9th to 13th June in the Jozef Stefan Institute gallery and has been sponsored as part of a Contact Forum by the PROSECCO network.

The time when machines could only give answers and never ask questions is coming to an end and giving rise to new creative collaborations between people and machines. This exhibition of digital artworks by European artists surveys a number of these new collaborative methods and contemplates the philosophical, artistic and practical questions that surround existing and future possibilities of machine creativity.

Each of the exhibited works find their own balance of process and spectacle. In each case, the act of making the final artefact is accomplished by a non­-human agent, while the meaning of the work often hides in the complexity that goes into achieving that automated act.

With artists like Robert Seidel and Gibson / Martelli, there is an emphasis on the spectacle of a final form where generated computer imagery is displayed in unique real­world spaces. Conversely, Felicien Goguey and Benjamin Bartholet inherit a digital system’s existing aesthetic, appropriating tools from indie videogame Minecraft to recreate and remediate the iconic imagery of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the work of Nicolai Troshinsky and Ed Key and David Kanaga, the computer acts as a space itself which an audience can navigate in real­time. This immersive staging gives the viewer the ability to explore the non­linear yet narrative potential of generative art. No two play sessions are the same. Generative art often takes the simulation of nature as its subject, but it can also give rise to new singular forms. Tanja Vujinovic’s work explores serialised forms, variations on a theme that can then be interpreted by an external agent. The computer generates variations with a set of parameters, allowing the artist to intervene through the sorting, editing and curation of these serialised works.

Participating Artists

Félicien Goguey & Benjamin Bartholet, France

Ed Key & David Kanaga, UK & USA

Gibson / Martelli, UK

Robert Seidel, Germany

Nicolai Troshinsky, Spain

Tanja Vujinovic, Slovenia



Ian Gouldstone, UK