Book Launch


“Hand-Made By Machines: An Illustrated Guide to Creativity in Humans and Computers” is a new illustrated text-book on Computational Creativity that is aimed at students and new arrivals to the field. The e-book, which is free to read on the Web as part of the new Computational Creativity oriented Web-site, has been written by Tony Veale but is designed to grow dynamically and incorporate contributions from other researchers about their specialist areas of Computational Creativity research.

Hand-Made By Machines is being launched at ICCC-2014 as part of the PROSECCO European coordination action on Computational Creativity, and since the book will grow dynamically on the Web to reflect the needs of the whole community (i.e. you!), please bookmark and and send us your recommendations for new topics and content.

The book launch will take place 18:30 on Tuesday 10th June, at the Jožef Stefan Institute.