NOTE: All submissions are now closed.


Submission Instructions for Accepted Papers

Please revise your paper to take account of the reviewers’ comments. Note whether your paper was accepted as a Regular Paper (limit 8 pages) or Position Paper (limit 5 pages).   When submitting the revised paper include a note indicating how you have addressed the reviewers’ comments.  Submit the revised paper as a resubmission of the original paper number through EasyChair.

We would like you to submit three things, which should be put into a single ZIP file:

  1. A PDF of your final submission.
  2. A PDF describing how you have addressed the reviewers’ comments.
  3. The source files for your submission (see below).

Word users.  Include the original DOC or RTF file.

LaTeX users.  Include everything that is needed to recompile your paper, including:

  • Your .tex source file
  • Any images or other external files you include
  • The ICCC style files
  • Any non-standard style files you may have used
  • Your .bib file (or, if you prefer, the .blg and .bbl files that BibTeX creates).

Make sure that your .tex file does not contain any absolute paths, and that your paper can be recompiled with the files you provided!  If there are any special instructions for compiling your paper (that is, anything beyond running latex, bibtex, and then latex twice more), please describe them in a text file called instructions.txt.

Please remember to adhere to the ICCC style guidelines, as per the original instructions.

Resubmission are due 18 April 2012.  Remember that at least one author must be registered for the conference in order for your paper to be included in the proceedings.


Original Paper Submission Instructions

Formatting.  Papers should be formatted according to the ICCC style.  Templates in Word and LaTeX are available in the ICCC Author Kit.

Page Limits.  Full papers must be eight pages or fewer, and short (position) papers must be five pages or fewer.  These limits are strictly adhered to.

Anonymity.  To enable anonymous, blind peer review, please take care not to identify yourself in your contribution.

Submitting.  Submissions are done electronically via the EasyChair system.  Please submit files in PDF format.  There are no fees associated with submitting papers.